Visual GP started when my artist patient gave me an art book to keep all the drawings I did in the practice. It has grown from there.

Sam is a practising

general practitioner, senior lecturer and artist. She is currently President of the RNZCGP

Sam only paints

in watercolour because it is so tricky to master she cannot spend time on other painting styles. She attends an art class every week - it keeps her sane.

Visual GP combines

art and medicine. The videos created are based on conversations that occur with patients and are to simplify and clarify medical concepts. They are not for diagnosis.

Sam and her

husband are the directors of Visual GP and have three adult children.

Sam is doing

research into health professionals who draw for their patients. This is an area that has not been explored in the literature.

Sam’s book on

minor surgery is based on 14 years of work in the Hutt Valley Plastic Surgery Unit. It is written with the learner in mind but goes on to explain expert skills as well.